Humility & Kindness ~ Concierge Attendant

There is much to be said about humility and kindness. It is understated in the workplace. It is understated in a relationship with the ones entrusted to our care.

It is humbleness of self and person. It is a quality that is inside and can only come from the inside out. It is a gentleness in a person that clients are drawn to; it’s that someone loves and cares about you that we are drawn too. It is sincere and genuine.

Kindness is being friendly, considerate and generous. To find a Concierge Attendant with these qualities is a rarity. It is a sincere pleasure to have on a concierge care team for our clients and for our team. These gems are the kind that is really precious in everyday laughter and also in times when great support is necessary. These are the ones that we wish would stay on our service forever.

These are the ones where beauty comes from the inside out.

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