Anticipating Needs - Concierge Attendant

When I was a little girl my dad worked 2 jobs. He was often so busy I would desire to be with him even if it meant going to work with him to be by his side. I remember being his right-hand person, and I was literally.

We fixed various things like machines, house faucet fixtures, anything mechanical; you name it!

I began to realize that we would work more efficiently and would bring great harmony to our time together if I began to anticipate which tools I could hand him or how I could assist him in the presence of a customer. It also brought great joy to both of us knowing that I could understand about him personally and care about each and every need even before he needed it.

The most important tool we can bring to our work as concierge attendant is our willingness to observe and understand their desires to bring clients great delight while we are on their service.

Many concierge attendants already have this gifting inside of them; it will blossom as you understand your concierge clients needs and wishes.

Concierge attendants work with great service always, which brings great value to your service. Anticipating client desires before they are known is the concierge experience.

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