Sarasota’s recent recognition

Sarasota Memorial Hospital was recently recognized for their overall excellence at the

American College of Surgeons’ 2019 Trauma Quality Improvement Program (TQIP) Annual Scientific Meeting held back in November. As we are aware, Sarasota is a popular hub among many retirees and seasonal residents alike, which makes this particular recognition even more profound. The honor was reflective of their outstanding trauma center which offers remarkable care for patients that are seriously injured, but more explicitly for the prevention of life-threatening complications that are common with elderly trauma patients.

Dr. Brockhurst, a renowned Surgeon at Sarasota Memorial, presented a detailed outline of the program, highlighting the systems used to care for the 3,500+ seriously injured patients that are treated each year at SMH and the superior ability to reduce or prevent major complications from occurring. Their wide range of healthcare professionals have worked together to research and supply the most up to date evidence based care to make them rank among the best. 

We salute you SMH!

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