A Better Way Home Health

Concierge Care is the new dynamic concept for the home care industry. Everyone knows what they want, but sometimes, are unfamiliar with being served, or what being served means. We may be unfamiliar because were always busy serving others, and do not understand how to receive. It's our desire at A Better Way to show you a better way to care for yourself and your family. Allow us to anticipate your needs before you can even think of them, so you don't have a care in this world. From a kind word and empathetic heart to world-class care you can count on, your concierge service team provides a highly personalized, exclusive service.

We are service-committed individuals who seek to provide the highest level of service. The range of platinum services that we provide is extensive, and your Concierge Attendant will gently assess your day before it begins and help you move through the day to ensure your peach and tranquility.


Concierge Boutique

Day-to-Day Service

  • Friendly Companionship
  • Support & Encouragement
  • Enrichment Time
  • Shopping Outings
  • Social Assistance
  • Restaurant Visits
  • Theater Visits
  • Beach Visits
  • Bridge Club
  • Tea Time
  • Tee Time
  • Health Classes
  • Swimming Companion
  • Spa Appointments
  • The options are endless...

Personal Care Options

  • Sunrise Service
  • Sunset Service
  • Personal Assistance
  • Walking Assistance
  • Personal Enrichment
  • Overnight Service

Nursing Services

  • Medication Observation
  • Medication Reminders

Household Management Services

  • Light Housekeeping
  • Laundry
  • Linen Change
  • Cleaning Kitchen / Bath
  • Family Meal Planning
  • Meal Preparation
  • Serve Meals
  • Pet Care
  • Gardening
  • Errands
  • Chauffeur upon request

Emergency Management

  • Client & Spousal Support
  • Family Support
  • Family Reassurance Contact
  • Out of State Family Support

Contact our Executive Administrator at (941) 621-3420 for information on our platinum line of services. You shouldn’t have a care in the world because there is a better way!